RIGHT to left:

Window 033 - Saint Andrew

Bottom to top, left to right. (The first 5 rows are modern as of 1872, marked '*').

• Row 01*: Jesus gives keys to Saint Peter; Peter speaks to men; Peter raises the dead (see last panel of row 8).
• Row 02*: Peter arrives at a town; a saint is crucified; Jesus speaks to an apostle.
• Row 03*: An apostle and two men; Two apostles pray while idols fall; Apostle sleeps on ground (see last panel of row 7).
• Row 04*: Jesus speaks with apostle; Apostles speaks to a group; Saint praying is struck with clubs.
• Row 05*: Two apostles speak; Apostle is lead to martyrdom; Apostle prays while menaced with a drawn sword.


Some panels have been replaced out of order, and some salvaged from the lower five rows; the story is easier to follow if the panels are swapped as indicated (** and ***).

• Row 06: Andrew prays before his cross (**); Andrew restores sight and gives a cloak (they meet in the first panel of row 13); Andrew gives communion (***).
• Row 07: Slays serpent that vomits blood; Has proconsul's wife go to raise the child from the dead; Saint Peter and Saint John appear to Andrew and tell him of his coming martyrdom.
• Row 08: Andrew intercedes for a young man falsely accused of incest [likely from the lower 5 rows of the window]; Andrew tells others he will be martyred (***); Demetrius' servant raised from dead.
• Row 09: Proconsul Aegeas orders Andrew out of prison (two panels); Andrew appears before the proconsul.
• Row 10: Andrew meets a blind beggar (see row 6, second panel); (**) Andrew bound to his cross; Others report (criticize?) Andrew's fate to Aegeas.
• Row 11: Repeat of last panel of row 9--Andrew before proconsul; Death of Andrew; Proconsul is tormented by demons and dies.
• Row 12: Jesus between two angels with censers.
Window 034 - The Apostles (restored, detail)

Some modern frames, marked (*)

• Row 01: Bakers, donors of the window
• Row 02: John 1: 35-40 --> Je

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