IMG 5447

IMG 5447

Window 010 - Saint Apollinaris, Celestial Hierarchy, Grisaille (14th century) (restored).


• Row 04: Baptises tribune and his household; Goes into exile; heals woman possessed with evil spirit.
• Row 05: Apollinaris enters home of Rufus Patricius, Duke of Ravenna; Raises Rufus' daughter from the dead; Provost demands Apollinaris sacrifice to idols.
• Row 06: Angel visits the saint in prison; temple of Jupiter/Zeus collapses due to saints' prayer; Provost and others watch temple's destruction.
• Row 07: Outraged at the temple's loss, pagans beat Apollinaris to death; saint's funeral; Christians of Ravenna mourn his passing.

Celestial hierarchy (lowest to highest):

• Row 08: Angels (I); Principals (III); Archangels (II).
• Row 09: Powers (IV); Virtues (V); Dominions (VI).
• Row 10: Cherubim (VIII); Thrones (VII); Seraphim (IX).
• Row 11: Christ, with angels worshipping him.

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