Chartres South Exterior Slides 025

Chartres South Exterior Slides 025

The Last Judgment


Mary (left) and St. John (right) plead and intercede for sinners.

Jesus sits on bench of judgment, with his wounds exposed, signifying his right to be judge of all.

Angels bear the instruments of the passion (L - R)
• Angel behind Mary bears the Roman soldier's spear that pierced his side
• Angel above Mary bears the crown of thorns
• Two angels in high center bear the cross
• Angel above St. John bears the nails
• Angel behind St. John bears the scourage and scourging pillar used by Pilate prior to the crucifixion.


Beneath Christ is the resurrection. The redeemed (to Christ's right, our left) prepare for glory.

To his left, the demons take the wicked to hell. Angels above them drive them with sword and shield.

In the center, St. Michael weighs the soul of each person in the balance to determine their fate. A tiny baby-figure represents the soul; demons and a toad represent the weight of their sins. As so often occurs in these scenes, another demon tries to cheat by pulling the scale downward.

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