ChartresGlass Box M Slides 061

ChartresGlass Box M Slides 061

Window 013 - Story of Saint Anthony of the Desert and Saint Paul the Anchorite (unrestored)

Top to bottom, left to right, including medallions.

• Row 6: Anthony asks friend to bring him bread in preparation for his hermitage in the desert; Devils come to attack Anthony in the hermitage.
• Row 7 (center): This is slightly out of sequence: Anthony's friend brings bread and finds him immobilized by the pain of the scourging given in the next row up.
• Row 8: Demons scourge Anthony with whips; Anthony appears dead (like a corpse, so his friend carries the immobilized saint back to the desert on his back
• Row 9: Anthony visits Paul the Anchorite as a crow feeds them; Anthony studies alone in his cell.
• Row 10: The two saints celebrate mass; Anthony has vision of Paul's soul (small child) being bourne away by angels.
• Row 11: Lions help bury the body of Paul.
• Row 12: Athanasius receives Anthony's cloak in anticipation of the latter's death; his soul is carried to heaven.

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