2 Nephi – 2024


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This is the commentary on 2 Nephi for February 5 to March 24, 2024 this year. This is a commentary on the text assigned for reading in the Come, Follow Me manual.

2 Nephi has the bulk of the “Isaiah chapters” in the Book of Mormon. For that reason (and my usual stream of consciousness writing), this is longer than some previous commentaries. It can be sampled in small bits without hurting anything. However, that said, we are commanded, urged, exhorted, and expected to study Isaiah. There’s seldom much time given to it in classes other than nervous laughter and few well-known proof texts read out on the subject of the week, so it’s not going to happen there. If you have a “snow-day” or the flu, there’s a chance in here to dig in a little deeper. pp.500


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