ChartresGlass Box P Slides 030

ChartresGlass Box P Slides 030


Window 118 - 2nd right, clerestory, apse: Daniel and Jeremiah

Clothiers as donors, Daniel, Jeremiah, Winged creature from Ezekiel's vision with face of a man.
Window 119 - 1st right, clerestory, apse: Moses and Isaiah

Bakers as donors, Moses with burning bush, Isaiah, Angel with Censer.
Window 120 - Center, clerestory, apse: Mary

Bakers as donors, Annunciation, Visitation, Mary as queen
Window 121 - 1st left, clerestory, apse: Aaron

Geoffery, a hosier, and his wife as donors, Aaron and Angel with Censer.
Window 122 - 2nd left, clerestory, apse: Aaron

Butchers as donors, Ezekiel, Daniel, cherub

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