ChartresGlass Box M Slides 104

ChartresGlass Box M Slides 104

Window 037 - Saint James Major

Bottom to top, left to right (some rows have the story proceed RIGHT to left; marked '!' where this occurs:

• Row 13: Jews are angry at James' preaching; Hermogenes preaches to those who used to follow him.
• Row 14: James preaches Christ's divinity while in prison.
• Row 15: Josias converts and Jewish high priest orders him beaten; Josias, a scribe, leads James with a rope (!)
• Row 16: Herod condemns Josias and James to death; James performs healings while he and Josias are taken away.
• Row 17: James and Josias taken to be executed.
• Row 18: James and Josias are beheaded.
• Row 19: Christ on cloud with candelabra.

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