IMG 5582

IMG 5582

Chartres, west side, right portal, Capitals:

• Temptation in the wilderness
• Two high priests bribe Judas

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  1. 5582 image possibly Jonah

    Do you think it might be possible that this is Jonah with his back to us, but looking at us? I wondered if it could be him because he turned away from the Lord and His command but was persuaded to come back again.
    These photos are beautiful and spectacular. I would never have known this existed if you hadn’t chosen to share this with me. Thank you. I enjoy your lessons immensely everytime I explore them.

    1. Dear Kelly, Sorry I’ve been so long replying to this–I don’t check the comments page on the website often enough, I guess. Jonah could be a type or metaphor for this, but the sculptural programme across these column tops (lintels) is the life of Christ. These depict two high priests tempting Judas to betray Jesus and then the scene of Christ’s temptation in the wilderness in parallel. I’m grateful these are of use to you. Best regards, Terry

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