IMG 5094

IMG 5094

Window 030 - Saint Sylvester [Pope, contemporary of Constantine]

Note that there are eight small round medallions. Seven of these show Constantine writing one of the seven laws he gave to the Church. The final medallion (upper right) shows him watching the soul of Sylvester ascend; there is nothing on his scroll (has this finally silenced him? - GLS).

Bottom to top, left to right:

• Row 04: Saint Timothy's funeral; Sylvester refuses to worship idol at order of Roman prefect Tarquinius (story finishes counterclockwise in medallion above).
• Center 05: Pope Melchiades releases Sylvester from prison.
• Row 06: Sylvester holds book as the people beg him to accept ordinantion as a deacon; Melchaides ordains Sylvester a deacon.

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