St. Stephen’s WindowSouth-east apsidal chapel Chartres Cathedral

St. Stephen's WindowSouth-east apsidal chapel Chartres Cathedral

Window 041 - Saint Stephen
Bottom to top, left to right:

• Row 05: Stephen taken outside the city to be stoned (partially visible).
• Row 06: A false witness leaves his coat with Saul, the future Saint Paul; Stephen is stoned to death.
• Row 07: Gamaliel, one of the Sanhedrin, advised that the early Christian movement not be attacked by the Jews, reasoning that if it was of men it would come to naught, and if of God they did not want to fight it. Heis sympathetic and buries Stephen in his own sepulchre; Juliana, a widow, searches for her husband's body.
• Row 08: Juliana mistakes Stephen's body for that of her husband, and takes it home.

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