Chartres West Exterior Slides 060

Chartres West Exterior Slides 060

Chartres, west side, left door

• Tympanum - Christ ascending into heaven. Angels lean down to ask the apostles "Ye men of Gallilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven?"
• Archivolts - zodiac alternating with the tasks for each month

† First - INNER (left around to right)
• April with tree blossoming, Aries
• May with falconer and horse, Taurus,
• June with mowing hay,

[peak of arch]

• March with pruning vines,
• Aquarius [mostly broken], February with warming self before fire,
• Capricorn, January with two faces.

† OUTER (left around to right)
• July with wheat cutting, Cancer,
• August with wheat threshing, Leo,
• September with treading grapes [not seen here], Virgo [not seen here]
[peak of arch]
• Sagittarius, December with feasting [can just see the feast table],
• Scorpio, November with pig slaughter,
• Libra, October with pruning fruit trees?

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