Ezekiel Old Testament—2022 Lesson 44 October 24-30, 2022


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This is a commentary on Ezekiel the text for Lesson 44, “A New Spirit Will I Put Within You”, in the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual for 2022. This lesson focuses on chapters, 1-3; 33-34; 36-36; and 47—the assigned chapters.

We shall, of course, do those very seriously, but also wander a bit into a few other things that the manual judiciously skipped. Ezekiel was perhaps the oddest prophet in the Old Testament canon. It’s a very interesting read and hopefully the commentary will reflect that.

We will note that no Jewish scholar was to study Ezekiel until he was at least 30 years old. We shall have a look at prophetic visions, can prophets change temple ordinances?, repentance and grace, the role of a prophet (and why you don’t want the job), collective guilt, original sin, and personal responsibility, the resurrection, the Bible and the Book of Mormon as a unitary witness, temple worship, and how to understand and get more out of attending the temple. I have also appended an essay by Dr. Hugh Nibley on the Sticks of Judah and Joseph.

There’s also a new Home Evening game introduced that sure to be popular with no more than one or two members of the family. pp.66


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