2 Samuel 5-7, 11-2; 1 Kings 3, 8, 11 Old Testament -2022 Lesson 26 June 20-26, 2022


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This is a commentary on 2 Samuel 5-7, 11-12; I Kings 3, 8, 11. It is to be studied from June 20-26, 2022. This is Lesson 26 “Thy Kingdom Shall Be Established Forever” The text is is about the rise and fall of David and Solomon. The manual covers nine chapters of 2 Samuel and 1 Kings but this commentary includes a summary of other chapters to fill in the story and give some context to the assigned material to be considered—besides, as I’ve said before, they leave out some of the best bits. This lesson begins with the death of Saul. It follows the promising rise of David as king of Judah and then king of a united Israel. We will see his fall into adultery and murder and consider what that meant for him and how the echoes of it tore his family apart. We shall see how Solomon became king and how he started so well with the building and dedication of the temple and all the blessings he was given. Then we shall follow his fall into idolatry leading to a changed nation of Israel and the loss of unity in the kingdom.

There are many lessons within this lesson. I’m not sure why they give us so much on which to chew in one lesson, but we don’t run the zoo, so… here it is.  I have  tried to lighten the weight of words with pretty pictures.  


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