Ruth, 1 Samuel 1-7 Old Testament-2022: Lesson 24 June 6-12, 2022


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This is a commentary on Ruth and 1 Samuel 1-7–the text for Lesson 24, “My Heart Rejoiceth in the Lord” in the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Familes manual for 2022. This lesson is composed of two stories about two women: Ruth and Hannah. They each have much to teach us.  As I said at the beginning of our study of Joshua, to understand what was happening with the children of Israel between Moses and the kings of Israel, it would be necessary to look at three dimensions. Those three perspectives are found in the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. We have studied the first two and now, we find ourselves at the final, happiest, (and most idealized) description of those times. There are no dramatic miracles in Ruth. God does not speak. There are no angels and no miraculous fire. There is no prophet or judge driving the narrative forward. We have ordinary people immersed in ordinary lives. However, in the background we see God’s hand and His providence caring for those who serve Him and exemplify His attributes of loving kindness and loyalty (chesed) to the covenant path. The book of Ruth teaches us that God helps ordinary people in their ordinary lives. He also uses their faithfulness to further His wider divine purposes for all of His children. In the story of Hannah we see the origins of Israel’s greatest judge—Samuel.  We will follow Samuel’s call as a child and have a look at the history of Israel up to the fall of Eli and his two sons.   The unifying theme of these stories is how blessings can come through covenant loyalty and how they can be lost through persistent disobedience.  pp. 46 


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