Numbers Old Testament – 2022: Lesson 20 May 9-15, 2022


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This is the commentary for Lesson 20,”Rebel Not Ye Against the Lord, Neither Fear” in the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families Manual for 2022. This lesson covers the book of Numbers in which the children of Israel leave Sinai and move towards their promised land. They are checked and diverted for 38 years by four rebellions: the Levites, the Reubenites, Miriam and Aaron, all want more control and authority. Finally the whole people revolt and fear to go into the promised land after the 12 spies return with reports of giants and fearsome peoples. The Lord refuses to take any into the promised land except for Caleb and Joshua the two spies who brought a favourable report and did not rebel. Even Moses is excluded for reasons we’ll discuss. Miriam, Aaron, and all that generation die and Moses brings the people to the Transjordan poised to enter Canaan. A prophet for hire, Balaam, and his talking donkey appear in our text at that point. We shall follow their story closely and I will recount a donkey ride of my own. We will conclude with an ordinance involving a red heifer—a remarkable type of Christ.  pp.69


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