Matthew 6-7 New Testament – 2023 Lesson 8 February 20-26, 2023


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This is a commentary on the final two chapters containing the Sermon on the Mount. It is best considered as a whole with Lesson 7.

You may recall that Matthew had introduced his gospel with a genealogy reminiscent of Genesis. One of the literary goals of his gospel was to portray Jesus as the embodiment of the Torah. Matthew’s is a profoundly Jewish gospel. In this lesson we shall see the beginnings of Jesus giving a new Torah—speaking as a new Moses—as that prophet like unto Moses.

If Matthew’s nativity stories were written to stand as parallels to Genesis, then Jesus’ life being threatened by Herod so that He had to take refuge in Egypt, and then His later going out into the wilderness to be tested by Satan were the beginnings of Exodus. The next great event in Exodus was Jehovah’s teaching Israel the law through Moses as they were camped at Mount Sinai. It will not be surprising that Matthew in his narrative next brought us and Israel to a mountain where Jehovah/Jesus would teach them a renewal of that law. That was the Sermon on the Mount. It contains the highest aspirations of Christian life. pp.30


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