Matthew 2; Luke 2 New Testament—2023 Lesson 2 January 9-15, 2023


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This is a commentary on Matthew 2 and Luke 2. These stories recount the birth of Jesus Christ. Matthew gives us a story that is grounded in Jewish tradition, modelled on Genesis, and featuring a man called Joseph who delivers the Christ who will save His people. He is set as a type of the Joseph in Genesis who also was carried into Egypt to save His people.

Luke gives us an origin story of Jesus that is centred around Mary and her role as the final and perfect product of the Old Covenant—an Israelite willing to accept Jesus in every way when He came into the world as foretold by the prophets.

We will note that these two stories are often blended in our Christmas celebrations and commemorations, but they actually have very little in common. Both stories mention Joseph, Mary, Bethlehem, and that Mary was a virgin at Christ’s birth but beyond that they are completely different with no other common elements. We’ll ponder why that is so and why we have two quite different stories. pp.30


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