Joshua 1-8;23-24 Old Testament—2022 Lesson 22 May 23-29, 2022


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This is Lesson 22 “Be Strong and of a Good Courage” on Joshua 1-8; 23-24. The text that we will consider in this lesson is the book of Joshua. This commentary covers the text in the manual verse by verse as usual and gives a synopsis of the other chapters in the book.  
Joshua is the first of the historical/prophetic books  that we have considered this year.  We have finished the five books of Moses.  Joshua, Judges, and Ruth are three books that describe what went on with the children of Israel between Moses and Samuel. These books take us from the 13th to the 11th century BC.
Joshua describes the conquest of Canaan and how the children of Israel were allotted parts of that land as their land of promise. We will see if there is a Jericho within each of us and talk about how to get the walls down. We will consider again the covenants made to be part of the house of Israel. pp.43


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