Job Old Testament – 2022 Lesson 32 August 1-7, 2022


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This is a commentary on Job the text for Lesson 32 “Yet Will I Trust in Him”in the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual for 2022.

The book of Job has no parallel anywhere in the Bible or in any other scripture. It is an example of a literary genre called wisdom literature—Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are also part of that tradition. 
Job is a difficult text. It wrestles with the issue that on earth those who are righteous don’t always prosper in the land, while those who are wicked often appear to prosper. Job is the type of wisdom literature that questions and ponders these problems of human existence in the midst of unmerited evil consequences. It doesn’t provide us with easy or simple answers; or, indeed, with any answers at all to some of the concerns it raises. It has probably had more commentary written about it than any other book of the Old Testament—with the exception of Isaiah. Job can puzzle anyone who reads it closely. Some of the familiar quotations that we use from Job actually mean something a little bit different than we think they do—if we read them in context. We will try to unwrap a few of these riddles as we have a look at it.  
However, the lesson is not all heavy theology, we will poke at some mythical beasts and plumb the origins of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip too.  

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