Jeremiah 21-52 Old Testament—2022 Lesson 43 October 17-23, 2022


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This is a commentary in particular on Jeremiah 30-33, 36 and Lamentations 1,3—the text for Lesson 43, “I Will Turn Their Mourning Into Joy”, in the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual for 2022. This lesson is the second of two lessons on Jeremiah. We will discuss the assigned chapters in particular and also have a brief look at the final half of the book of Jeremiah.

This follows the latter course of Jeremiah’s ministry with some instruction on ministering to others. It discusses how we get the law of God written in our hearts. It describes the fall of Jerusalem and says much about the latter-day work of the Restoration and the gathering of Israel.

It also shows us the role of mourning in worship and working through the difficult issues of our lives. pp.61


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