Genesis 28-33 Old Testament Lesson 10 February 28-March 6, 2022


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This is a commentary on Genesis 28-33—the text for Lesson 10, “Surely the Lord is in This Place” in the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual for 2022.

In this lesson we will encounter one of the great love stories as we follow Jacob and Rachel’s relationship. We shall also see one of the great rivalries between unhappy sisters, with emotional manipulation, a rocky marriage or two, and runs of hard feelings as tricksters are tricked with a running score kept in babies produced. There’s an HBO series waiting to be made here—Game of Goats,  Mellowstone,  The Mandrakorian, Sister Wives & Slaves, The Hireyou’ll see—it writes itself.  There’s even a hit song—“We Don’t Talk about Esau!”
There is much here about family conflict with misunderstandings, hurt feelings, seemingly irreconcilable barriers of pride, and potential love refused.  Finally Jacob will get unity in his own home—but only under the risk of confrontation, potential violence, and a stand-off with a border blockade and a negotiated settlement. 
Jacob will finally return to Canaan and will find reconciliation with his brother—lessons can be drawn from these experiences. We do have internal divisions within us as individuals and schisms between brothers and sisters in family, Church, and nation. At some point we will have to bury our weapons of war with each other if we’re going to get back to gathering Israel in a concerted, consistent, and meaningful way. Perhaps Jacob, our old trickster ancestor, has some lessons for us?

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