D&C 85-87 Doctrine & Covenants Commentary: Lesson 32 August 2-8, 2021

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This is a commentary on D&C 85-87—the text for Lesson 32 “Stand Ye in Holy Places” in Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual for 2021. pp.32

1 review for D&C 85-87 Doctrine & Covenants Commentary: Lesson 32 August 2-8, 2021

  1. Marci Zhang

    I was having trouble understanding D&C 85. Especially the one mighty and strong and the transition to steadying the ark and death. Thanks to your lesson, I have a much better understanding. I also appreciated the explanation behind the apostates not in the book nor their parents or children and the link to Malachi. Thank you so much. I hope I can go back and read previous lessons. Bless you.

    • tsmith1006_0

      Thanks Marci. I appreciate your comments. If you have other questions that aren’t clear in the lessons, let me know. A quicker way to reach me is by the email address at the end of each lesson. I don’t check these comments too often. The previous lessons are here on-line. If you have difficulty downloading any of them let me know and I can send them. There is a mail-out list for these lessons every week. If you’d like to be on the list and receive them weekly, let me know. I just need your email address and your permission to send them to you. Best regards, Terry

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