Daniel 1-6 Old Testament—2022 Lesson 45 October 31-November 6


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This is a commentary on Daniel 1-6 the text for Lesson 45, “There Is No Other God That Can Deliver”, in the Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families manual for 2022.
These first chapters of Daniel contain six hero stories of Daniel and his three Jewish friends who were in exile in Babylon at the time Lehi was leaving Jerusalem and moving through the desert.  Lehi was leaving that world of the Levant and the military threat of Babylon behind to try to build Zion in a New World. Daniel and the others (Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the remnant of Judah) were tasked with building an internal Zion in themselves and in their families while living in the midst of Babylon—that sounds a lot like our job.  Like Daniel we are to live in Babylon, support the national government under which we live, be a positive influence for good, enlighten those around us by the light of the gospel, be of service to our secular society, and also serve and worship Christ—placing Him first as the foundation rock of our lives. 
Daniel provides some indications on how we might do that. Interestingly the first story is an analogue of living the Word of Wisdom. Perhaps that’s also the first thing that the world might notice about us as a peculiar people living amongst them. pp.48


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