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Windows 017 - Zodiac and Labours of the Months (restored)

Top to bottom, left to right:

• Row 04: March (prune vines); Aries.
• Row 05: May & Gemeni combined.
• Row 06: April (budding plants and vines); Taurus.
• Row 07: July (cutting hay); Cancer.
• Row 08: June (cutting wheat) & Leo combined.
• Row 09: August (thresh wheat); Virgo.
• Row 10: September (harvest and tramp grapes); Libra.
• Row 11: October (place wine in barrels) & Scorpio.
• Row 12: November (slaughter hog); Saggitarius
• Row 13: December (feasting) Capricorn
• Row 14: Christ with Alpha and Omega (all encompassing, even of the tasks of the year and the cosmos represented by the zodiac's progression).

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