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Window 038 - Charlemagne (restored)

Bottom to top, left to right:

• Row 01: Furriers as donors.

[Conquest of Jerusalem]

• Row 02: Roman Emperor Constantine sends messenger to Charlemagne; the Emperor has had a dream of Charlemagne conquering Jerusalem.
• Diamond 03: Charlemagne, victorious, is greeted by Constantine.
• Row 04: Charlemagne defeats Saracens; Charlemange refuses all reward save relics he has found.
• Circle 05: Charlemagne gives relics to the Church.

[Spanish Crusades - from Chronicle of Pseudo-Turpin]

• Row 06: Charlemagne asks learned about Milky Way; Saint James the Major appears to Charlemagne in a dream, tells him to follow the Milky Way to Spain.
• Diamond 07: Army leaves on the Spanish Crusade, Archbishop Turpin of Rheims attends with Charlemagne.
• Row 08: Charlemagne prays prior to assaulting Pampulauna (Pamplona); Charlemagne takes the city from Moors.
• Circle 09: Charlemagne builds a church to Saint James, who instigated the crusade.
• Row 10: Crusaders battle Moors; Miracle of the Flowering Lances: the night prior to battle, those fated to die had flowers appear on their lances, proof of their blessed state as future martyrs.

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