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Window 045 - St Julien the Hospitaller (restored)

• Row 01: Carpenters; Cartwrights and Coopers as donors
• Row 02: Joiners
• Row 03: Julien with his family; he enters service with nobility.
• Row 04: He waits at table.
• Row 05: He attends his dying Lord (note last rites); he is raised out of servitude.
• Row 06: Master dies; Julien is married.
• Row 07: Julien's wedding feast.
• Row 08: Julien leads troops to war; Julien defeats enemy.
• Row 09: He speaks with a town's defender.
• Row 10: Julien cannot sleep; he leaves the battle field and goes home.
• Row 11: Julien arrives home unnoticed; thinking his wife has betrayed him, he unwittingly slays his parents.
• Row 12: Julien's wife tells him of his mistake.
• Row 13: Funeral of parents; Julien views his bloody handiwork.
• Row 14: Julien and wife become pilgrims (to expiate his sin?).
• Row 15: Crossing via ferry; Building pilgrim hostel.
• Row 16: Welcoming pilgrims; washing pilgrims' feet.
• Row 17: Crossing via ferry; Building pilgrim hostel.
• Row 18: Christ approaches river in disguise.
• Row 19: Unaware, Julien rows Christ across the river; his wife holds up lantern on the bank to guide them.
• Row 20: Julien and his wife die and their souls go to heaven.
Window 046 - Saint Thomas the Apostle in India (restored)

Bottom to top; left to right:

• Row 01: "Doubting" Thomas feeling Christ's wounds after the resurrection, flanked by the fleur-de-lis. This panel was added in the 13th century, for reasons that are unknown.
• Row 02: At Caesarea, Christ assigns Thomas to evangelize India.
• Row 03: Jesus introduces Thomas to Abbanes, envoy of Gundophorus--the King of India--who is seeking an architect; Thomas and Abbanes travel by ship to India.
• Row 04: (Left half moon) Thomas and Abbanes land in Andropolis, India; (upper quadrant of clover) At a wedding feast, the chief butler hits Thomas; (Right half moon) The butler goes out to get

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