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Window 060 - Saint Nicholas (third window about him) (restored)
Order is not regular; numbered by panel (see diagram).

• 1-5: Apothicaries and haberdashers as donors. (3): Selling belt; (4): apothecary; (5) merchant with balance.
• 6-7: Saint Nicholas is birthed and bathed.
• 8: Nicholas refuses to suckle his mother except Mondays and Fridays.
• 9: Nicholas in school.
• 10-11: When a student in Myra, he drops money into a house to spare three girls without doweries from entering prostitution. He flees rather than be thanked.
• 12: Chosen as new bishop.
• 13: Consecrated as bishop of Myra.

(Side half moons):
• 14-15: Nicholas convinces sailors to provide a famine-stricken down with corn.

(Side half moons):

• 16-17: Nicholas addressing the three princes, Nepotian, Ursus and Apilion; The three princes saved by Nicholas carrying gifts from the Emperor. [Houvet saw this as distributing the corn of previous.]
• 18-19: Three men welcomed and killed by inn-keeper.
• 20: Nicholas saves a baby from boiling, a miracle.
• 21-22: Couple's only child falls overboard on trip to Nicholas' shrine; They find the child safe when they arrive at the shrine.
• 23-25: A shyster swears by St. Nicholas he will return gold to a Jewish money-lender; He gives staff to the Jew and claims he has repaid his loan; Shyster and staff crushed by a cart, getting his just deserts.
• 26: Jewish merchant strikes St. Nicholas' statue because the saint did not protect his valuables.

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