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Window 063 - Saint Lubin / Leobinus (restored)

• Row 01: Wine cryers or tavern keepers offering wine for sale.
• Surrounding border: Wine cryers or tavern keepers offering wine for sale.

† Center circles (continued uses of wine):

• Half circle 1: Winecryers, the donors.
• Circle 02: Barrel of wine taken to Cathedral
• Circle 03: Celler master brings wine to be consecrated.
• Circle 04: Highest use of wine -- the Eucharist.
• Circle 05: Christ, with Alpha and Omega.

† Left to right, top to bottom (excluding central circles and border):

• Row 02: Nobleman and followers (?); Procession from Church (?).
• Row 03: Lubin works as a shepherd boy; Monk gives Lubin belt with alphabet upon it.
• Row 04: Lubin's father? procures an alphabet, or a churchman teaches him to read; Lubin studies while his friends make merry (a nice contrast for a wine cryer's window!).
• Row 05: Lubin enters a monastery; Nileffus advises Lubin to visit other monastaries to expand his learning.
• Row 06: Lubin, Nileffus and others approach another monastery, Saint Avil in Perche; Lubin et al. leave monastery (?) or welcome others to the monastery (?).
• Row 07: Lubin et al. blessed by Saint Avitus [story continues next row up, left side]; Lubin is appointed bishop of Chartres [story continues next row up, right side].
• Row 08: Avitus appoints Lubin cellerer, as he hands over the keys (celler being a nice wine cryer's touch) [story continues row down, right side]; Now-Bishop Lubin leaves on pastoral visit.
• Row 09: Bishop Lubin sprinkles holy water on a house as an exorcism two panels).
• Row 10: Christ with alpha and omega.

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