IMG 5502

IMG 5502

Window-062 - Saint Eustace (restored)

Bottom to top, left to right:

• Row 10: Two recruits (his sons) brought to Eustace but he does not recognize them [story continues in row 11, left]; EITHER family celebrates their reunion OR the messengers tell Eustace's friends of his exploits [story continues in Central Diamond 4].

† Central Diamond 4: Eustace, wife, and children re-united [story continues row 12, left].

• Row 11: Eustace's kidnapped wife leaves to find him [story continues in row 10, right]; Eustace's son selected for military service [story continues row 10, left].
• Row 12: Roman emperor thanks his idols for bringing victory to Eustace; Eustace will not worship the idols.
• Row 13: Eustace's execution ordered (also in round panel directly above); servants carry out the emperor's execution order (see also round panel directly above).

†Central Diamond 5: Eustace and family are martyred by being burned in a bull-shaped cauldron.

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