IMG 5500

IMG 5500

Window-062 - Saint Eustace (restored)

Bottom to top, left to right:

• Row 5: Furriers, as donors.

† Central Diamond 2: Eustace leaves city with wife and children.
• Row 6 (two circles): Negociates for passage on ship and sails to Egypt (2 panels).

† Central Diamond 3: Eustace and children driven from the boat, while boat captain retains his wife [story continues in row 9].

• Row 7: Eustace's two sons meet and recognize each other; Eustace converses with the emperor's messengers and they realize he is Placidas whom they have been sent to find [story continues row 10].
• Row 8: Emperor Trajan sends for Placidas (now Eustace); The messengers lodge with Eustace without recognizing him [story continues in row 11, right].
• Row 9 (two circles): Eustace fords a river; one child is carried off by pink lion, another attacked by wolf who is in his turn attacked by shepherds [story continues in row 8].

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