IMG 5096

IMG 5096

Window 030 - Saint Sylvester [Pope, contemporary of Constantine]

Note that there are eight small round medallions. Seven of these show Constantine writing one of the seven laws he gave to the Church. The final medallion (upper right) shows him watching the soul of Sylvester ascend; there is nothing on his scroll (has this finally silenced him? - GLS).

Bottom to top, left to right:

• Center 09: Soldiers prepare bath with blood of 3,000 children, intended to heal the emperor if he bathes in it.
• Row 10: Mothers weep in anticipation of children's death; Constantine orders the 'cure' halted, being moved by the mothers' grief.
• Row 11: Mothers receive gifts and their children back (story continues clockwise; [events of Row 12 occur, then] Sylvester and other teach (?) Constantine.
• Row 12: A dream in which Saint Peter and Saint Paul tell Constantine to recall Sylvester, who has fled due to the persecutions; Sylvester receives message from Constantine.

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