St. Thomas the Apostle Window North Choir Chartres

St. Thomas the Apostle Window North Choir Chartres

Window 046 - Saint Thomas the Apostle in India (restored)

Bottom to top; left to right:

• Row 04: (Left half moon) Thomas and Abbanes land in Andropolis, India; (Right half moon) The butler goes out to get water, and is eaten by a lion. A dog bites of the hand the struck Thomas and brings it into the feast (not shown in this shot).
• Row 05: (Bottom of clover) Gundophorus of India entrusts Thomas with funds to build a palace (sequentially is between the two panels in next row)..
• Row 06: Abbanes presents Thomas to King Gundophorus; king then departs (after making Thomas his architect--see next row).
• Row 07: (Left half moon) Thomas gives money not used in church-building (see next) to the poor; (upper quadrant of clover) Thomas builds churches instead of a palace for the king.; (Right half moon) King returns and is not happy; he jails Thomas as prelude to his execution [story skips to row 9]
• Row 08: Angel shows the recently-deceased brother of the king the palace or mansion in heaven that Thomas is building for the king by building churches and feeding the poor [now to second panel of row 9].
• Row 09: Gad, brother to the king, dies and soul goes to heaven [back to row 8]; Gad is raised from the dead, and helps Thomas reconcile with his brother, the king.
• Row 10 (top of clover): Thomas teaches and baptizes the king.
• Row 11: (Half moons row) Thomas is later captured by King Mygdeus, stripped, and tortured; he throws the apostle into a furnace, which miraculously cools.
• Row 12: King Mygdeus commands Thomas to worship an idol in the temple of the Sun.

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