IMG 4925

IMG 4925

Chartres west side, right portal, tympanum

• At top: infant Jesus enthroned on Mary's lap flanked by two angels
• Below: presentation at the temple
• Lintel: the Nativity story. (a) At the far left the Annunciation by the angel; (b) next Mary and Elizabeth meeting; (c) then the nativity: Joseph stands to the left, Mary lies on the altar-like bed, with the Infant Jesus on top; finally (d) at the far right, the angel brings glad tidings to the shepherds.

• First archivolt: Pisces (fish), Gemeni (twins), then 6 angels, Music (one of the seven liberal arts), Pythagorus (first defined mathematical relationship of harmonious tones).
• Second archivolt: Aristotle, Dialectic, Cicero, Rhetoric, Euclid, Geometry, Priscian or Donatus, Grammar, Ptolomy, Astronomy, Boethius or Pythagorus.

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