Europe 1 1998 Slides 131

Europe 1 1998 Slides 131

Window 054 - Saint Germain of Auxerre [pre AD 1236] (restored)

In many places, the left right pairing shows a "cause and effect" relationship. The window is difficult to photograph with the east wall buttresses of the north trancept, and the "Our Lady of the Pillar" adoration with candles et al. in front of it.

• Row 05: Demon spreads disease; Germain heals his flock.
• Row 06: Saint Germain and Saint Loup sail to England despite a demon-raised tempest; Saint Germain calms the storm.
• Row 07: Saint Germain preaches in England; he heals a blind girl.
• Row 08: Demons set fire to area in which the two missionaries are living (2 panels).
• Row 09: Germain has horse stolen en route to Italy; Thief brings the horse back and Germain blesses him.
• Row 10: Germain dies at Revenna; Soul ascends to heaven.

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