Europe 1 1998 Slides 130

Europe 1 1998 Slides 130

Window 054 - Saint Germain of Auxerre [pre AD 1236] (restored)

In many places, the left right pairing shows a "cause and effect" relationship. The window is difficult to photograph with the east wall buttresses of the north trancept, and the "Our Lady of the Pillar" adoration with candles et al. in front of it.

• Row 01: Geoffrey Chardonel, canon of Chartres as donor; Saint Germain as student.
• Row 02: Chosen to be bishop and taken from his home against his will [removed in this shot]; Consecrated as bishop.
• Row 03: Tax-collector needs help finding lost money; Germain speaks to a demonically-possessed man.
• Row 04: Germain celebrates mass, and drives out the demon, letting the man confess his theft; The thief repays the money.

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