ChartresGlass Box M Slides 091

ChartresGlass Box M Slides 091

Window 032 - Saint Paul (unrestored)

Top to bottom, left to right.

These are original, except modern panels marked (**)

• Row 07: Barnabus and others listen to Paul; Paul and Barnabus; Fall of Patroclus (?) - According to the Golden Legend, Patroclus fell from a ladder placed against a window of Nero´s palace to permit him to hear Paul preach.
• Row 08: Patroclus' corpse brought to Paul; Patroclus raised from the dead; baptism (††) [This story is much like that of Eutychus if Troas, who fell asleep during a long discourse of Paul's and was killed, but raised--see Acts 20:7-12. The reason for choosing of Patroclus over Eutychus in the interpretation is not clear to me. The figure of "Peter" seems to match in all, so perhaps this is why.]
• Row 09: Paul and Peter before Nero; Simon Magus' dogs repelled by the consecrated host; Paul and Peter pray to raise man from the dead (**)
• Row 10: Simon Magus attacked by his dogs (**); Simon Magus tries to fly, and plumets down; Nero watches Simon Magus' decease
• Row 11: Paul taken to be executed - Saint Plautilla (Roman widow baptized by Peter) gives

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