ChartresGlass Box M Slides 089

ChartresGlass Box M Slides 089

Window 032 - Saint Paul (restored)

Top to bottom, left to right. First 5 rows are modern (1872) except for two panels, marked by an asterisk.

• Row 01: Paul rides from Jerusalem to persecute the Christians in Damascus; he has a vision of Christ (and falls from the donkey); Ananias waits for Saul (?) (*)
• Row 02: Paul sails for Italy; at Malta gets bitten by viper near a fire, but takes no harm; heals father of Publius, the island headman.
• Row 03: Barnabus brings Paul to meet Peter; Paul is let down in a basket over the walls of Damascus to escape Jews who seek to kill him; Paul and Barnabus (?)
• Row 04: A man strikes Paul (*); Paul blesses crippled man by a door; baptism (copy from older version marked ††).
• Row 05: Paul in stocks in Phillipi; Baptism (copied from Paul's baptismal panel marked †); Paul preaches

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