ChartresGlass Box M Slides 078

ChartresGlass Box M Slides 078

Window 024 - Saint Martin of Tours

Bottom to top, left to right:

• Row 06: Martin forces robber's soul out of a shrine, where it was being mistakenly honored as a martyr; People watch; Martin raises a child from the dead (some say he interrupts a country funeral to make sure they are not practicing paganism).
• Row 07: Martin exorcises a demon from a man's buttocks; Martin preaches to a crowd (2 frames).
• Row 08: Physician and paralytic in city of Treves; Martin heals the paralytic while family/others look on (2 frames).
• Row 09: Martin and Roman proconsul Tetradius (center); Martin heals servant of proconsul (both sides).
• Row 10: Outside Paris Martin kisses a leper and cures him; Angel with censer; Martin with Emperor Maximus at banquet.
• Row 11: Angel with censer; Martin's death; Angel with censer.
• Row 12: Parishioners of of Tours and Poitiers fight over the saint's remains; Angel with censer; Tours steals body from Poitiers and takes it up the Loire river.
• Row 13: Saint's body arrives at Tours; Soul of Martin ascends (perhaps can rest easy now in the 'proper' place?); Funeral procession awaiting the body.
• Row 14: Christ in glory.

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