ChartresGlass Box M Slides 035

ChartresGlass Box M Slides 035

Window 005 - Mary Magdalen (unrestored)

Bottom to top, left to right. Circles are SW to SE, then NW to NE:

• Quadrant 11: Mary Magdalen at the sepulchre of Christ (Lazarus is being used as a type of Christ's resurrection)
• Quadrant 12: Jesus appears to Mary.
• Quadrants 13, 14: Mary tells the apostles of the resurrection; they do not believe her.
• Panels 15,16,17: Mary comes to Provence; Mary's brother Saint Maximus preaches.
• Quadrant 18: Mary Magdalen's death.
• Quadrant 19: She is buried.
• Quadrants 20, 21: Jesus receives Mary into Heaven. (Thanks to Him, she too has been 'raised,' just as Lazarus and Jesus were.)
• Panels 22: Angel with censer.

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