ChartresGlass Box M Slides 003

ChartresGlass Box M Slides 003

Window 176 - West Rose - Last Judgment

• Center: Christ enthroned in glory, displaying his wounds. Four beasts and angels surround him.
• First circle: Twelve apostles, with Abraham's bosom at 12 o'clock, and the judgment (weighing of souls) at 6 o'clock. Note the angel to the left and devil to the right.
• Outer circle: Starting from the 12:30 position, and proceeding clockwise (each circle on the right is paired with one on the left). (1, 12) Instruments of the passion; (2, 11) angels blow trumps; (3, 10) the resurrected dead awaiting judgment; (4,5,8,9) resurrection of the dead (naked, having just come from their graves); (6,7) hell (at the bottom of the circle, naturally enough).

Right: Window 001 - Jesse Tree

Bottom to top: Jesse, David, King (Solomon?), King, King, Mary, Jesus surrounded by seven doves (gifts of the Spirit). Prophets who testified of Christ's coming border the window.

Center: Window 002 - Life of Christ

Bottom to top, left to right:
• Row 01: Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary; Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth; Birth of Christ in stable. Note the altar-like manger.
• Row 02: Angels to shepherds; Herod; Wise men seeking Christ.
• Row 03: Wise men presenting gifts; Christ with Mary; Wise men returning home (they are warned by the angel in the panel directly above them).
• Row 04: Presentation of the temple (2 frames); Angel warns wise men to return a different way.
• Row 05: Herod angry he's been deceived by wise men; Slaughter of the Innocents (2 frames).
• Row 06: Flight into Egypt; Egypt; Return from Egypt.
• Row 07: Fall of the idols of Egypt; Baptism of Christ; Dream of St. Joseph.
• Row 08: Triumphal entry to Jerusalem (3 frames).
• Row 09: Christ in Glory flanked by two angels.

Left: Window 003 - The Passion
Bottom to top, left to right:

• Row 01: Christ Transfigured; Descent from mount of Transfiguration with Peter, James, and John.
• Row 02: Last Supper, Washing of Feet [partially visible]
• Row 03: Jes

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