Chartres West Exterior Slides 073

Chartres West Exterior Slides 073

Chartres, north side, left portal

• Adoration of the Magi and then warned not to return to Herod.

• Left: Nativity
• Right: Angel appears to shepherds.


• Left: Isaiah (prophet of Christ's coming), and then Annunciation (Gabriel treading on devil; Mary treading on serpent).
• Right Daniel (another prophet of Christ's coming, outermost) with the Visitation nearer the door (Mary on a burning bush, symbol of the Immaculate Conception and Elizabeth).

• First archivolt: ten angels, lowest two on dragons, the rest on clouds
• Second archivolt: four foolish virgins on left, four foolish on the right
• Third archivolt: bottom on each side contain the other two virgins for a total of ten. It then has the virtues with vices underneath each figure.
• Fourth archivolt: Twelve queens bearing scrolls that at one time bore their names; these are the fruits of the spirit as per Galatians 5:22-23.


• First archivolt: LEFT -- characteristics of a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31:10-31); RIGHT -- characteristics of woman who has chosen the contemplative life;
• Second archivolt: the Beatitudes


• Bishop blesses between two angels

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