Chartres South Exterior Slides 016

Chartres South Exterior Slides 016

Chartres, south side, right


Christ (note the cruciform nimbus behind his head) flanked by two angels.

Left side

• St. Martin meets beggar at Amiens and cuts his cloak in half; story continues above where...
• Martin lies asleep with his servant. He sees Christ wearing half of the cloak (the other half which Martin kept can be seen on the wall above his sleeping form).

Right side:

• St. Nicholas (center right) drops money down into the home of a poor family whose father is too ill to provide proper dowries for his three daughters. They had been destined to prostitution.
• Above, St. Nicholas' bier provides healing oil which oozes from him. Pilgrims are applying the oil, and have containers in which to bear some away.

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