Chartres South Exterior Slides 009

Chartres South Exterior Slides 009

South porch, central portal. Christ in center, standing on lion and dragon (2 of the 4 animals in Psalm 92; Amiens has the other two--asp and basilisk--underneath).

Apostles (L -> R)
Left side
• Unknown apostle
• Unknown apostle
• Unknown apostle
• Unknown apostle
• St. Peter (immediately to Christ's right as head of the Church and holder of the keys of the kingdom). Beneath: Simon the Magician with large purse.
• St. Andrew - bears cross, instrument of his martyrdom

Right side
• Paul (note the omnipresent baldness) with sword, instrument of his beheading.
• St. John (no beard, young, dressed as priest; has book in left hand and broken palm--symbol of chastity--in the right.) Stands on a man offering cup of serpents, cf miracle he performed.
• St. James the Greater (of Peter, James, and John). Has belt of shells--the "coquilles St. Jacques" [scallops] were his symbol and often worn by pilgrims.
• St James the Less
• St. Bartholomew (broken flaying knife; instrument of his martyrdom).

Many apostles stand on crowned figures representing the Roman Emperors who caused their demise.

Beneath Christ:
• A man giving bread to the poor, which is essentially offering it to Christ
• Beneath him, a man and wife offering bread to a beggar; likely the donors Pierre Mauclerc, Count of Dreux, and spouse Alix of Brittany.

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