Chartres North Exterior Slides 108

Chartres North Exterior Slides 108

Chartres, north side, right portal. These are OT types or prefigurements of Christ.


• Job, scrapes self with potshard on dunghill while the satan torments him, three friends and wife. God watches from above.


Solomon judges the two women and the baby; servant draws sword to slay child on the far left. Those on the right are admiring Jews (who ought, one suspects, to be admiring the wisdom of Christ whose wisdom and judgment Solomon prefigures.)

JAMB Figures
• Balaam on his ass;
• Queen of Sheba on Ethiopian slave;
• Solomon.

• Jesus ben Sirach, standing on the temple whose reconstruction was wrongly attributed to him;
• Judith, standing on dog as symbol of fidelity;
• Joseph who was sold into Egypt, standing on Potipher's wife to whom the devil whispers.

• First archivolt: twelve angels bearing sun, moon, and stars.
• Second archivolt: lives of Sampson on the left, Gideon on the right
• Third archivolt: lives of Esther and Judith (prefiguring Mary) on left and right respectively
• Fourth archivolt: Tobias, son of Tobit, who restored vision to his father as Christ would to Israel.

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